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Miguel Esparza Jr

Full Stack Software Engineer
React / Node

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Greetings, I'm Miguel Esparza, a full-stack software engineer based in Texas. Personally nothing is more important than taking pride in your work. I truly enjoy my career and see the creative side of programming. I have a passion for all things launching products, from planning and designing all the way to solving real-life problems with code. I work with both back and front end environments, particularly with Node/Nest.js for backend and React/Next.js for front end. For api’s I can develop both REST and GraphQL APIs. For Databases I work with Postgres, SQL, and MongoDB databases. I also love Wordpress and brainstorming ideas on Sketch and Figma. When not online, I love hanging out with my family or golfing with friends. Check out my latest project TimiFiT.

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